App Soft Solutions offers varied technology solutions that are tailor-made to match your business requirements. We use IT best practices to properly define, develop, test, and implement solutions that allow your business to grow while you focus your efforts on your core business functions.

Here are some of the services we offer:

Custom Application Development:

We believe that while most off-the-shelf products are high quality, they rarely match perfectly with an individual business’ needs or the industry that you compete in. We have built Windows/Unix/Mac applications that use or interact with Java, .Net, SQL and SAS. Our tailor-made solutions will fit with your business model and grow with your business over time.

Website Design and Development:

We have website developers on staff with experience from small website changes to large-scale online portals. We can help you tailor your website to focus your message and reach your target audience, develop a website that meets those requirements and maintain that website, if necessary.

System Installation, Integration and

We understand the complexities of developing a new system (or revising an existing system) and ensuring it works seamlessly with your other systems. Our IT professionals are well-versed in legacy systems, system limitations, integration across domains, and network and other connection challenges. We are ready to help get your new/improved system up and running, without requiring redeployment of existing resources to the project. Focus on what’s important in your business; we’ll handle the rest.

IT Strategy and Architecture:

Many companies start with a good idea and fill in the blanks as they grow over time. Unfortunately, this reactive model often leads to inefficient use of resources and redundancies. By looking at the bigger picture and where the opportunities for growth are, we can help you transition to a more proactive stance, utilizing systems and resources efficiently and ensuring your business is able to scale accordingly as demand for your product or service grows.

Offshore Consulting:

The technology environment has changed over the last few years, and many companies now find it more efficient to add an offshore technology presence to address critical issues or projects. This allows businesses to keep their projects on time and under budget, while minimizing the effects of resource deployment from other areas. We have developed relationships with outside technology firms and IT consultants who can help on a temporary or project basis.

Project Management:

App Soft understands proper Project Management processes and how they relate to IT departments and projects. We follow the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodologies such as Agile, Adaptive, Spiral, RUP, and Waterfall. We will involve you in the entire project lifecycle, from initial consultation, through development and testing, and finally to implementation and maintenance.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI):

EDI has become a critical part of doing business in many industries. Some business partners consider an existing EDI solution to be a requirement of doing business or bidding on a project. Developing these solutions in-house is much more costly and time-consuming, compared to having an outside specialist develop and integrate it within your infrastructure. As a Seeburger and IBM business partner, we are qualified and ready to help you address any EDI-related issues.

IT Staffing:

In addition to our team of internal IT professionals, App Soft Solutions has access to experienced IT professionals who are available on a project or contract basis. We believe in working with your team to better understand the issue at hand, so we can provide the right developer or analyst who will meet your needs and start adding value on day 1.